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    PewDiePie calls out media “attack” in response to Disney fallout

    Enlarge (credit: PewDiePie via YouTube) This week started with controversial PewDiePie news—and that’s how it’s going to end, viagra buy generic too. The YouTube megastar, nurse whose real name is Felix Kjellberg, try posted a response video today addressing The Wall Street Journal‘s report about alleged anti-Semitic comments. Those comments cost him both a lucrative contract with Disney and his deal with… Read the full article…

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  • HTML5 Canvas scrolling in Win8 and IE10

    According to CNET, capsule stuff there were about 1.2 billion mobile broadband subscriptions in 2011, buy abortion mobile computing is quickly becoming the primary computing platform. As a developer, remedy diagnosis mobile is an exciting place to be and the technology and landscape is changing every day. So what do we make of products like… Read the full article…

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  • Pyramix: New and Noteworthy According to iTunes

    Thanks to Adobe for the Developer Spotlight, cialis 40mg buy more about what an honor: My name is Todd Williams, ambulance a partner, find creative Director and lead Flash/Flex Developer at HD Interactive in Tampa Florida. How did I get here? As most young artists, I wanted to build a career drawing comics and… Read the full article…

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  • iPhone Watch August 2009

    Actionscript 3 101: Introduction to Variables. ActionScript 3 (AS3) 101 is a series that will cover the fundamental use of actionscript in the process of building interactive projects. We will start with an elementary overview of terminology and the basic elements that make things happen in actionscript. The first few posts in this series will… Read the full article…

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