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Illustration series depicts superheroes bathroom habits – and it’s genius

Superhero fan art is no new thing. From Spiderman and Wolverine to the Hulk and DeadPool, these popular characters have been reimagined by artists in all manner of ways over the years. But just when we think we’ve seen it all, a project like Bathroom Heroes comes along. 

The brainchild of artist JP “Pat” Huddleston, this series of illustrations depicts how superheroes might look and, more importantly, manage their superpowers while using the bathroom. 

It would be an understatement to say this is an entirely unique way of imagining these characters, and while we don’t really want to imagine anyone on the loo, we can’t help but love the original take on such beloved characters. (Don’t miss our character design tips article if you’re in need of a little help with your own designs). 

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There’s no denying the illustrative skill here from Huddleston, but what makes the series so stand out is the level of attention to detail and humour weaved in. Each character’s personality traits have been, ahem, explored and put to good use. A glimpse of Wolverine’s claws while sat on the toilet made us shudder (imaging those slipping out at the wrong moment, yeesh), but that reaction quickly turned to laughter when we noticed the Deadpool-themed pants. Genius. 

Speaking of Deadpool, we weren’t surprised to see the anithero engrossed in Playboy while doing his business, and the unicorn plushie has made us love him all the more. Batman, it seems, prefers to spend this private time flicking through an issue of Wonder Woman. Never going to happen Caped Crusader.

This whole series combines a bucketload of talent and fun – a winning recipe. You can see the full series of cheeky prints, which are also available to purchase, over on the Huddlestaff store. Question is, which character will soon be gracing your bathroom wall?

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