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Project Resistance Hands-on: a Deadly Resident Evil Escape Room Challenge

Despite taking place in Raccoon City, you won’t find Leon Kennedy or Claire Redfield saving the day in the next Resident Evil game. Even so, there’s no denying that Project Resistance is very much ingrained into their world. Darkened corridors are riddled with zombies, obscure puzzle pieces delay your path to freedom, and all the while a sinister figure is watching your every move – a figure that just happens to be controlled by another player.

Before starting my hands-on demo with Project Resistance, Capcom made it clear that this was not so much a full product as it was still an idea – and it’s plain to see where that idea was birthed from: a touch of Dead by Daylight/Friday the 13th’s asymmetrical multiplayer, a dash of an escape room challenge gone horribly wrong, with a bit of Left 4 Dead’s focus on constantly moving between safe rooms – and don’t forget the role of an evil mastermind that feels similar to what we once saw in the now-cancelled Fable Legends. Project Resistance is all of this and more thanks, culminating in a premise that feels right at home as a Resident Evil experience.

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