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Snag the Perfect URL With Instant Domains


Almost everyone knows the value of a great domain name. It can be the thing that helps people find you online and drive traffic to your business, blog, or portfolio.

Many people own multiple domain names with different extensions to help make their websites easy to find. This might include having,,, and so on.

InstantDomains is a tool that can help you find a great domain name, generate a name if you don’t have one in mind, and even find and secure that name across multiple extensions.

Here, we’re going to take a look at the tool and how it can work for you.

What Is Instant Domains?

instant domains

InstantDomains is a domain name search tool and generator all-in-one. It can help you find the name for a business, blog, or personal website with results that come back in mere milliseconds.

InstantDomains is a one-stop shop for finding everything you need to know

What sets this name search tool apart from other options is that is shows availability for more than 500 different domain extensions, including top-level domains as well as more trendy options such as .today or .app.

Plus, is packed with filters to help you find an option that meets your needs and works in 32 languages.

The tool is more than just fast, it also allows you to search for premium domains names that are for sale as well. InstantDomains is a one-stop shop for finding everything you need to know about your next domain before you buy and once you find it, the tool will help you secure the domain as well.

Key Features

One of the biggest benefits of InstantDomains is that it really works instantly. Your domain name search will take milliseconds. (There’s no waiting for results or having to enter and email and get them later.)

You can literally see results start to popular on the screen as you type. It’s that fast!

You can see available domains as well, noted with a green “Buy” link that takes you right to the location where you can purchase it. If the domain is already taken, the Whois link will show you registration info.

Search is so fast you can start to see what options are out there – and even get domain name ideas – a few letters at a time.

InstantDomains has a few other nifty features as well:

instant domains

Search All Extensions Tool

This tool shows you what domain extensions are available for a certain word. They are grouped by popular extensions, including top level domains; generic extensions, business-based, commerce, education, food and drink, geography, health, industry, lifestyle, media, money, professional, sports, and more. There’s so much choice available to help you get the name you want to use online.

instant domains

Domain Name Generator

Not sure what the best domain is for your website? Finding that all the “good” domains are taken? Try the domain name generator. It uses niche/industry filters and works in 32 different languages. You can also sort by domain extension or how many characters you want to use. This feature can be a great source of inspiration if you don’t know what domain name you want to use.

instant domains

Search Premium Domains

You can search and sort through available premium domains for sale as well. Start typing in keywords and/or select a category to see what’s available. This list includes plenty of .com options and a link to buy.


You can use InstantDomains for free. There’s no login or registration to search for the domain that best suits you.

Pricing for the purchase of domains is clearly listed for each selection, so you can actually do a little comparison shopping for different domains as you search through options.


If you are in the market for a new website domain, is a good place to start. Use it to search, generate ideas, or even comparison shop different domain names and extensions. It’s free to use and can help you jumpstart the first decision you have to make about your online presence – the name and URL you use for your website.

Give InstantDomains a try. We think you’ll like the speed, functionality, and options it offers.

Our thanks to InstantDomains for sponsoring this post, and helping to support Design Shack.

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