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Monument Valley 3 is in the works


Monument Valley 2. | Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge

One of the most beloved mobile game series is getting even bigger. Today, Ustwo Games revealed that Monument Valley 3 is in the works. Though, aside from the name, we know absolutely nothing about the experience. The news comes via a job posting, as the studio is looking for a creative director for the project, suggesting it’s still pretty early in development.

The original Monument Valley launched in 2014, and its combination of beautiful aesthetics and mind-bending MC Escher-inspired puzzles turned it into a breakout hit. It even made a cameo on House of Cards, and it was a game with a particularly long tail; it actually reached more users in its second year of existence. A sequel followed in 2017 with a greater emphasis on story and…

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