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The interactive Syfy project Eleven Eleven will make you want to watch the same story six times


When Netflix debuted Black Mirror: Bandersnatch late last year, it put a spotlight on interactive storytelling outside the traditional gaming industry. Bandersnatch’s “choose your own adventure” format is one method of telling these interactive stories. For another flavor, you could try Syfy’s Eleven Eleven: a virtual and augmented reality project that premiered at SXSW this week and will get a limited release in May.

Eleven Eleven is a series of six interlocking stories set during the last 11 minutes and 11 seconds of life on a planet called Kairos Linea, which is about to be bombed into oblivion while its corporate overlords escape to a space station. Each story follows a different resident of a small spaceport: there’s the cyborg…

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