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This week was an important week for the development of my game. I finished all the basic character control actions! Now your crew members can navigate the ship at your command and perform actions such as getting things out of a crate and setting the S.O.S. I also took the time to refactor the code for my map generation script and shaved off several hundred extra lines of code making it more efficient and easier to read. Finally I decided to start work on a temporary alien control script that will allow me to play test as the alien and so be able to better feel out how I want the game to play out before I begin work on the actual AI. For now you can only move the alien around but by next time you should be able to effectively play the game with one person controlling the crew and another controlling the alien.

IT’S ALIVE! was originally published in IMM at TCNJ Senior Showcase 2018 on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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