The Art Of Calligraphy: Getting Started And Lessons Learned



Typography is a primary element of composition. Being a designer, I pay a lot of attention to its quality. Operating Photoshop is easy for me; however, to level up my skills, I am always learning to work with letters, using my hands, without any computer programs.

The first time I took a calligraphy course was about a year ago, and the decision was quite hard. I was sure that it would be painstaking and that I would need excellent handwriting to learn this art. How mistaken I was!
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10 Fonts to Follow in 2017

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The first two months of 2017 have already gone by and new trends are emerging in the web design industry. For example, 2017 is going to be the year of layouts that emphasize content but we’ll also see a rise in the  dominance of big and bold type and adoption of brighter background colors to […]

Create your own 3D typeface

Creating any type of 3D art is tricky, but throw typography into the mix too and it can become all kinds of daunting. To get you started, designer Jamie Clarke talks through how he created 3D type family Rig Shaded. The 100 best free fonts Perfect for eye-popping headlines and logotypes, Rig Shaded is a layered or ‘chromatic’ typeface, which means that you can choose your own style and colour combinations. Its geometric letterforms are picked out with a distinctive halftone shading style and its four weights include a unique ‘zero’ weight.  The process of creating Rig Shaded was as elaborate and unusual as the typeface itself, involving several tools and collaborations. Here Jamie explains how he did it… 01. Inspiration hunt  Clockwise from top left: Bobby Evans; Justin Thomas Kay’s logo for Zoo York; Jeff Rogers; 18th century building signage; Gary Stranger; Ged Palmer I can’t get enough of 3D signwriting and tactile lettering. I wanted to capture that magic in a typeface. My previous chromatic typeface, Brim Narrow, was a serif design inspired by antique woodtype from the 1800s, and this time I wanted to design something that was thoroughly modern. I had lots of ideas and sketches,…

HTC’s Vive Tracker will turn any object into a VR peripheral

HTC said that its Vive Tracker, a sensing device that turns any object into a VR peripheral, will go on sale for developers on March 27 for $100. It goes with HTC’s Vive virtual reality headset. The device will enable developers to create VR products such as a baseball bat that you can swing, or a pair of motion-control gloves that you can pair with a tracker and use in a VR application or game. HTC is showing off the Vive Tracker at the Game Developers conference in San Francisco and Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. HTC also said that its new Vive Deluxe Audio Strap will be available in June for $100. The device will be available for preorder on May 2. And, in a permanent upgrade to the Vive Business Edition (BE), all new BE purchases will include the Deluxe Audio Strap with no price increase ($1200). Vive BE features dedicated customer support, an extended warranty, and commercial use license for Vive. For the first time, Vive is launching a financing program in North America. For $66 a month and no-interest financing for 12 months, users can purchase a Vive on with zero money down. Additional new financing…