Try WorkWatcher Free for 1 Month

WorkWatcher is the application we use at HD Interactive to manage our business and virtual workforce. WorkWatcher will be completing beta very soon and we are offering a free 1 month subscription for a limited time. Anyone interested in giving WorkWatcher a try, to see if we can save your company and employees much time and money, send an email to today. A Hosted Solution with an AIR Application Client: We are web developers by day, but wanted to give WorkWatcher the feel of a desktop application. Something you keep open and use throughout the day, but still have the portability of a web application. Just download WorkWatcher to any computer and you can pick up where you left off. Technorati Tags: Adobe AIR, business management, linux, mac, management software, payroll, project management, windows, WorkWatcher

Adobe launches Tour de Flex

It is official, Adobe launches Tour de Flex, the update to the Flex 2 Component Explorer. Check it out here Tour de Flex.
Check out the About link in the drop-down in the upper right, to find links back to this blog (Todd Williams) and our company HD Interactive.
Also Greg Wilson has more background on how this version can to be.

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Free Fullscreen Kiosk Web Browser

Building a Fullscreen Kiosk Web Browser using Flex and AIR. There are a number a fullscreen web browsers/plugins out there, but not all of them are free. We have used a couple different ones over the years for kiosks that need Web Browsing capability or to display an HTML based kiosk application. Next time I can just build one, all I need is a few lines of code and a touchscreen monitor. I am impressed with AIR’s webkit (HTML Component), it is light and loads pages pretty fast. Here is an example of building a serious utility with very few lines of code. The core fullscreen browser takes only 4 lines of code in Flex 3. Technorati Tags: Adobe AIR, AS3, Flex, free, fullscreen browser, HTML component, installer badge, kiosk, mxml, webkit