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    One of the greatest advantages of creating skins in Flash opposed to Illustrator or Photoshop is the amount of control over how the skin looks and functions. In Flash you can export all your skins as Flex components in a swc file which allows you to use those components as both classes or artwork. The… Read the full article…

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  • Adobe launches Tour de Flex

    It is official, check Adobe launches Tour de Flex, prescription the update to the Flex 2 Component Explorer. Check it out here Tour de Flex. Check out the About link in the drop-down in the upper right, to find links back to this blog (Todd Williams) and our company HD Interactive. Also Greg Wilson has… Read the full article…

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  • Free Fullscreen Kiosk Web Browser already has tons of tutorials and looks like a great resource for Flex development and the Flex community. I was first introduced to the ColorTransform class while reading the AS2 to AS3 migration documentation about setRGB(). I was immediately impressed with the features, stomach web but intimidated when I saw the constructor and… Read the full article…

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