As a UX Designer/Developer that believes our relationship with technology can be inclusive, productive and delightful, I wanted to build a site where all my inspirations come together in one place.

This Blog was put together to reduce the amount of effort required to keep up with the latest news and information about user experience, gaming, mixed reality, and similar forms of immersive technology.

All the original sources of these articles are listed in the blog roll.
There’s also a twitter feed containing many of these sources.
Immersive UX Twitter List

I also hope that this collection could have some value to a community of fellow UX designers and the many online mentors I’ve found over the years. I have literally learned everything I know through online research and a great deal of trial and error, experimentation if you will, over many years. So many you provide blog posts, tutorials and other scraps of knowledge that has helped me through almost every design and development challenge and I am continually inspired by many of you that share your knowledge and experiences with the rest of us. Thank You!