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Samsung’s 512GB microSD is a huge storage upgrade that’s cheaper than ever


Samsung’s Evo Select 512GB microSD card is currently $99.99 at Amazon, which is its lowest price yet. If you own a Nintendo Switch — or if your smartphone, tablet, or action camera features a microSD port — this is a relatively affordable route to take if you want a big upgrade to your expandable storage.

Up against SanDisk’s popular 400GB microSD card, this 512GB Samsung card has the obvious advantage when it comes to storage capacity. It also offers UHS Class 3 speeds compared to UHS Class 1 on the SanDisk model. The SD Association states that this distinction is noteworthy, but it will mostly impact those who record video. Though, if you plan to use Samsung’s microSD card for both gaming and recording video, it’s good to know that it…

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