When you Sign-up Facebook, they provide an option to ‘Add Personal Contacts’ and Find friends from email clients like Gmail, Yahoo, Out Look etc. They provide step by step options to import contacts contacts from other email clients. After the import, they will ask us to invite our friends to join Facebook (Invitation Option).

Similarly, when we install Facebook Messenger or Facebook Lite App, they are asking our permission to sync our Mobile Phone contacts with Facebook Account.

If you have imported contacts from Gmail or other Email Clients, Facebook saves those imported contacts in their server and uses them to provide Friend suggestions in our Timeline.

Facebook also provides an option to see the imported contacts and Delete them One By One or Complete list.

To see your Imported Contacts in Facebook Click Here. You can also find the invitations you sent to your friends here.


To Remove all Imported Contacts from Facebook, Click on ‘Remove all contacts‘ link in the above page. You can now see a page with ‘Remove’ option. Facebook Shows that when you remove your imported contacts, Friends suggestions for you and your friends become less relevant. Don’t mind that. Just click the ‘Remove‘ button.

Now Facebook will show a message like this.

“Your request is being processed and you’ll be notified as soon as it’s complete. Depending on the size of your contact list, this may take a few minutes. Thanks for your patience!”

Facebook will send you a notification with the Message “Your imported contacts were removed at your request” when the imported contacts removed.

How to Delete Your Phone Contacts from Facebook | Imported contacts

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