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Just the right amount of creativity

Elephants flying and spiritual parrots talking is not something businesses or HR want to see on your portfolio.

Bear with me, in this article I will be talking through a little unpopular perspective amongst designers. It is to restrict yourself while being creative. That’s right, I will be asking you to not do the one thing you have always been trained to do.

I became a graphic designer because I was good at a design software people dreaded to use and they threw that job at me every time they needed something to look pretty. Most of us start in a similar way. However, UX designers turn themselves into a deeper battle of several disciplines combined:

Information Architecture
Sound Design
User Psychology
Web Design

And many more…

Problem Solving

Even if you are not a UX designer, I believe that every design role has a bigger purpose than visual design. It is to solve problems. For people in UX design it is a very well known concept. However, I’m noticing young and talented designers budding out of graphic design and not reaching the other side. Many miss the main ingredient.

Business Goals

When designers work on a portfolio, they usually struggle for content and then end up making a very minimalistic website with handful of paragraphs explaining a fish or a gorilla.

This is very far away from the reality of businesses that would want to hire a designer. Corporates often have a bucket full of content only for one page. And that is a challenge to readability. Now as a UI designer, you have to combine it with their business goals. Put it in a way that matches their brand story. They want to see how will you add value to their business or their design team.

Reality is a B***h

A lot of times, you will design amazing things that should work flawlessly as you planned them to. However, working at a service firm is not all unicorns and rainbows. In UI and UX, your first concern should be the technology (programming/designing language in our case) being used to develop it. Because we like to assume that everything is possible, you need to understand the working of the technology used in developing the product. Next comes the time you have to deliver it. How slow or fast is the technology according to that. It’s pros and cons. Everything.

Unnecessary Delight

We use motion graphics/transition effects to be more “creative”. Simply adding objects and animations for the sake of it will only leave your users confused. It’s a risk, but you can take it!

Be very very and absolutely user centric. Hence, know how much of creativity can your users take.

This article is dedicated to all the developers I work with who helped me achieve a greater analytic and logical understanding.

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