It should come as no surprise that I want to make an Epic MMO(RPG)… I am not sure if I want it to be an actual role playing game what with stats n such.. but playing these VR games really made me yearn for VRMMORPGs like the books that got me interested in VR years ago.

There are a number of things I want to change and do differently than typical MMOs.

I realized that a VR game would actually necessitate many of those changes!

  • No cutscenes

Cutscenes wrest control from the player. This is something that is a big nono in VR, as it almost assures nausea inducing effects.

Imagine instead feeling like you are directing and living epic scenes and cinematics as they happen? Clever use of camera focus, filters, 3d audio and so on can make the player feel like they are the cutscene.

  • Action combat

Not mere button-mashing hack and slashing… real action combat would require the player to move their bodies and arms and more to fight.

  • Custom moves

An extension of having free movement action is the ability to do completely new and custom skills. Imagine being able to cast unique magic or execute novel combos, all due to accurate traced movements.

  • Diegetic user interface

Dead space-style interface… but designed from the ground up without compromise. Granted, players should still be able ti craft their own traditional interface… but it’d be completely optional and hopefully non-meta.

  • Unparralled immersiveness

I want my game to be so immersive, that people will question if its just a game.. I want my game to become a facet of society such that people can live lives in the gameworld.

There’s so much more to be said!! But maybe at a later date…

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