There’s a lot of fuzz around augmented reality and I’ve seen a lot of cool demos and concepts. Common for all of them is that they generate a WOW effect, but I haven’t seen many that actually help users solving their problems.

In order to make augmented reality that is useful in the long run, you have to solve a real user problem.

WOD.52 is a deck of cards that lets you shuffle a bodyweight workout in seconds. We released it a year ago and have user tested and observed customers using it.

WOD.52 consists of 24 different movements and the problem is that most customers don’t know how to perform all the movements. We have solved that user problem half way by showing all movements on, one can also google the movements.

We wanted a solution that was directly linked to the cards and augmented reality was the perfect for that.

Do you know how to perform the movements ?


WOD.52 is a deck of cards and we don’t have an app. We were looking for a company that could provide us with a cross plattform AR (Augmented Reality) app, that was easy to use, easy to implement and not too expensive. We ended up using Zappar. That has proved to be a very good choice, they are super helpful and if you know some basic Javascript you can do some really complex AR experiences. Download Zappar from the AppStore or GooglePlay.

The new cards

All movement card now has a Zappar code and if you don’t know how to perform a movement, just Zap the card.

Use the Zappar app to view the augmented reality experience

Here’s a video of the experience

If you want to stock WOD.52 in your gym, box or shop please visit

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