This week Microsoft released Windows 8, it’s *13th Operating system, and with it the 10th version of Internet Explorer. Win8 promises to be an OS that works and looks the same across multiple devices. So you might be surprised when you try to interact with your HTML5 site/app/game in IE 10 on a tablet. Moving your finger around the page does not register, scrolling or dragging horizontally actually moves the browser window or creates a new tab; depending on the direction.

Luckily there’s a simple fix, when preparing your HTML5 web app for IE10 on tablet, remember to add the “-ms-touch-action” css property to the Canvas tag and set the value to “none”.

<canvas id="html5-canvas" style="-ms-touch-action:none;"></canvas>

This property lets IE10 know that the Canvas app is not static content, allowing all those gestures to be picked up by the app or game.

Learn more about -ms-touch-actions, as well as other IE css tags.

As a side note, I’ve been very impressed with the speed and snappiness of Windows 8 on a tablet. It screams and is super responsive to touch.

Disclaimer: This Article was written while the author was employed by Microsoft.

*History of Windows.

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