AS3-101: Game Development Part 3

– taterboy | October 2nd, 2011

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This tutorial is the third part in a series on game development with AS3. We will pick up where we left of in the last tutorial which can be found here: ActionScript 3 101 : Game Development part 2

In the previous tutorial we made a MovieClip of a ball move back and forth by pressing the left and right arrow keys on the keyboard. We accomplished this through the use of a variables, functions and events. In this tutorial we will continue to modify our existing code by adding a couple new functions and create something that will begin to resemble an actual game.

The Swap:
The first thing we need to do and swap out the ball artwork with a spaceship graphic. The graphic included with the source is the same dimensions as the ball, which was 72 x 72 pixels. You can use the one in the source code below ( just copy it into your project and delete the ball) or build your own.

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