Illustrating In Illustrator 101 part 4 of 5

– taterboy | July 25th, 2011

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Artists through the ages have pushed the limits and innovated new mediums to communicate to the world. Color has always played a huge roll of how art was received. In this chapter in the Illustrating with Illustrator series, we will discuss color and the different ways to apply color to our work.

Color Schemes:
Color schemes are two or more colors that are used to identify a message or reinforce a brand. A color scheme normally consists of at least a primary and secondary color. Not to be confused with a painter’s primary colors red, yellow and blue, a primary color is the dominant color in the color scheme and can be any color.

There are many methods to developing strong color schemes, from collecting paint chips at the local hardware store to using applications such as Adobe Kuler. Most of the time we are given a brand identity that contains a complete color scheme or becomes a starting point for developing a new one. Illustrator’s Color Panel is a great tool to create limitless combinations of hue and saturation providing the perfect mood and tone of our message.

Colors From Our Past:

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