We are pleased that our latest application, Pyramix, was listed in the New and Noteworthy section of the iTunes Store for iPad word games.

In the last couple months we have released 7 of our own iPhone, iPad and Android applications. Here’s the rundown.

Box of Sox HD:
This is a re-release of an earlier game. There was some confusion as to who owned the game, now that we figured it out, we were able to make some much needed updates and re-release it to the iTunes Store. The biggest update, building it for iPad and retina screens.

This game is super addictive, the object is to match pairs of socks. Sounds like chores, but it’s so much fun.

This is a fun spin based matching game, the idea is you have a bunch of freaky shapes on the screen. You have pick two of them to place on MrMixit’s turn-tables and mix them together. If the two shapes fit, then you have made a mix and the game continues. The shapes are crazy, so many possible combinations of pieces to match. The game is complete with some great artwork, screen transitions and original music.

This game is getting rave reviews, people are loving this new twist on a word game. The artwork and sound effects are truly steller. The Pyramix enigma generator is a laid back puzzler, much like a cross-word puzzle with a hint of boggle to appeal to all types of word game fans.

The Say It 4 Me series: Global Traveler, Global Insulter and Global Pickup Artist.
Wether you are traveling to foreign lands or goofing on friends, these applications provide evidence of your sophistication. Master the language of love, put ruffians in their place or just query essential information in 7 different languages. Currently these apps are available in the iTunes App Store.

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