Pyramix: New and Noteworthy According to iTunes

– taterboy | June 7th, 2011

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We are pleased that our latest application, Pyramix, was listed in the New and Noteworthy section of the iTunes Store for iPad word games.

In the last couple months we have released 7 of our own iPhone, iPad and Android applications. Here’s the rundown.
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AS3-101: Game Development part 2

– taterboy | June 1st, 2011

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This tutorial is part 2 of the ActionScript 3 101 : Game Development series. For part 1, go to ActionScript 3 101 : Game Development part 1

In part 2, we will continue animating a ball on stage, but this time we will setup keyboard controls so that a user can control the animation of the ball’s x property.

Before we move into the keyboard event listener, we should structure our code to be more organized and flexible. The top of the actionScript is where I like to put all my variables and things that configure how the game runs. As a general rule, any values that are used more than once or could change should be stored as a variable. Notice the left and right bounds for the ball ( 20 and 455) are used more than once, we should change them to a variable to make our code more flexible. Later in this series, we will move some of these variables from the top of the code to an external xml file, this will make your game very tweak-able without republishing from Flash. The secret to flexible code is lots and lots of variables.

New Variables:

var boundsLeft:Number = 20;
var boundsRight:Number = 455;
var maxSpeed:Number = 10;

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