MoveThis: Another AS3 Tweening / Animation Engine

– taterboy | February 1st, 2011

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UPDATE 1.20, 4/21/11 : new source files below

Animation is the primary reason our clients choose Flash based applications over HTML or any other language. Creating applications that dance is the “Rich” in RIA development.

Great animation or tween engines are plenty, GTween, TweenLite and Tweener are just a few. They provide a simpler way of animating with code. The Flash IDE team has also gone to great lengths to make working with animation in code easier for the designers. Even Flash Builder 4, which one could argue is a programmers tool, has new animation classes that are far more powerful than their predecessors.

Interactive Demos below…

Animation is what makes Flash, Flash:
MoveThis has been around in many different forms as my personal tween engine for the last 8 years. I think it’s finally in a condition that it can be shared. The idea has always been one line of code to make something move, it’s extremely simple to use, yet supports many great features.
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