Product Review: SWF Protector

– taterboy | July 18th, 2010

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Get 25% off of SWF Protector by using the coupon code: REFLPRTCT-RTW5

Though we try to encourage openness and sharing here at, there are some swf files that have to be protected. SWF Protector, by DECOMSOFT, is a very simple application for securing your code and assets within an SWF. The procedure could not be easier, just load the swf you want to protect, then click the “Protect” button. SWF Protector uses some kind of protection and obfuscation to secure your SWF files; Advanced Mode gives you control over how much protection and obfuscation is applied to each file.

In testing SWF Protector we used two actionScript 3 games, one built in Flash (a few thousand of lines of code with embedded graphics and sounds), the other built in Flex( light on code and graphics). With the Flex game the process was just as described above, a couple clicks and the swf was protected. In the case of the Flash game, I had to turn off obfuscation in one part of the swf to get a secured version to play all the way through without error. Once each game was protected and verified, the latest decompiler was not match for them. All the code, graphics and game resources were safe and sound. As a test, I ran a decompiler on the unprotected versions of the games and they were both rendered back into source code, cold and exposed.

There are a few swf protection applications out there, some with very advanced features. SWF Protector is the simplest way to protect your SWF files at a fraction of the price.

SWF Protector
Developer: DCOMSOFT
Platform: Windows, Mac, Linux
Price: Business License: $59.95

Get 25% off of SWF Protector by using the coupon code: REFLPRTCT-RTW5

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Intro to MVC Part 1: The Controller Class

– taterboy | July 13th, 2010

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About a year ago, @devgirl, introduced me to the MVC framework and provided me with a stubbed out demo of everything working together. There were many more class files than I was used to, one for data and variables (Model), one for all the graphic elements and UI controls (View), and one to control all the information between the two (Controller). My brain hurt for a couple weeks as I attempted to absorb what seemed like magic and how to apply it to a new job that was about to start. This process has changed the way I approach every project, even simple tasks with only a few lines of code. On smaller projects I may only leverage one part of the MVC framework and figured this was the best way to introduce it to others without it being so overwhelming. So today, I what to present the Controller class, which is part of the MVC framework.

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