How to Build an Engaging Preloader in Flash

– taterboy | June 30th, 2010

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The Importance of a Good Preloader:
Everyone hates to wait, especially for websites to load. The only thing keeping a potential user sitting in their chair and staring at the screen, while your application loads, is the hope that eventually something great will happen. If that user is impatient, like most of us, the preloader may be the only opportunity you have to interact with a potential user/customer. The fact that something is moving on screen reassures users that your website has not locked up their computer. We may not think that a few seconds is a long time, but to the waiting user, it may seem like minutes. We should take advantage of this brief moment to make a good impression, give them a taste of what’s to come and develop trust.

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Jump Back in TIme with HTML5

– taterboy | June 19th, 2010

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UPDATE 6/23/10

Google released a great new HTML5 resource HTML5 Rocks for those looking to learn more about HTML5, complete with samples and tutorials. Some of the coolest stuff (animation, transitions) is webkit based, it will be interesting to see how IE 9 handles this. Chrome Frame is an interesting concept for dealing with IE until IE 9 is released, kind of like an HTML5 plugin for IE 6, 7 and 8. I wonder if it will work with IE 9 to enable webkit supported HTML5 features?

I’ve been trying to work on new Flash and Flex tutorials, but keep getting sucked back into the HTML5 vs Flash debate. There are so many new quotes that reinforce that fact that a world without Flash is just not what the future holds in store. HTML5 and Flash a Reality Check

As an enthusiastic Mac fan for over 2 decades, I agreed 100% with Apple when they announced the end of the floppy drive. Steve Jobs has some good arguments for saying that the end of Flash is near, but all the logic put forth to support this claim does not seem to be supported by reality. Flash does have it’s faults, but so do all technologies we work with everyday. Plus, Apple’s track record on picking all the right technologies has not been without error, it did take them over twenty years to add a second button to their mouse.
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Building Custom Loaders in Flex

– taterboy | June 5th, 2010

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In an earlier post I talked all about building Flex UI components with Flash. This example shows how to create a custom loader component, in Flash or Flex, and use it to replace the standard Flex progress bar.

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The Base Preloader:
I found a preloader class online that implemented the IPreloaderDisplay, this is required to build a custom preloader. You can find out more about building your own here. I took the class I found online and made it generic so I could use it as a base class for all my future preloaders.
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