A Microphone And A Baby – Flash AS3 Microphone Class

– taterboy | May 21st, 2010

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Here is a little demo from some recent playing with Flash’s Microphone class.

Real demo is below the fold.

This is basically a microphone level meter that my son and I thought was pretty fun. Don’t wake the baby.
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Flash vs. HTML5

– taterboy | May 3rd, 2010

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Does It Have To Be One Or The Other?
I have never been a “use Flash because I like Flash”, kind-of guy. I do like Flash, but believe very strongly that we should only use Flash when there is a good reason to use Flash opposed to other available technologies. I’m very proficient in javascript and have always tried to see how far I can push other technologies into the realm of what I currently use Flash for. I have built HTML driven sites that have many of the same fancy roll-over effects, fading and non-reloading, immersive approaches that make them look like Flash sites. I have been building these type of sites as early as 2006, before many of the web standards we have today. I do not use Flash because I lack web skills, but where current non-Flash technologies fall short. These decisions are based on the needs of the each project, end-user, development time, SEO, etc. I will be an adopter of HTML5 and currently use many of the non-Flash technologies when needed. I can not see me adopting HTML5 as a one or the other sort of thing, it will be whatever the needs of the job require. I foresee, going forward, there will be many HTML5/Flash hybrid sites, just like there are now many HTML/Flash hybrid sites.

If HTML5 truly is a competitor of Flash, that is a good thing. It will only encourage better performing, feature-rich options in Flash going forward. This notion of HTML5 being a Flash killer, just is not true, at least for a long time.

Taking the Test:
There are some online HTML5 browser tests you can use to test compatibility. Until all of the major browsers (IE) fully adopt this standard, it is not a viable option for most web development needs. Even Safari is not fully complitent with the HTML5 standard according to this test. I got 115 out of 160 with Safari 4.0.5 and 113 out of 160 on my iPhone, with some of the most important UI support still not supported.

Here is a great video, sent by Greg Wilson, that puts the HTML5 vs. Flash in perspective for now.

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