WorkWatcher is the application we use at HD Interactive to manage our business and virtual workforce. WorkWatcher will be completing beta very soon and we are offering a free 1 month subscription for a limited time. Anyone interested in giving WorkWatcher a try, to see if we can save your company and employees much time and money, send an email to today.

A Hosted Solution with an AIR Application Client:
We are web developers by day, but wanted to give WorkWatcher the feel of a desktop application. Something you keep open and use throughout the day, but still have the portability of a web application. Just download WorkWatcher to any computer and you can pick up where you left off.

WorkWatcher is a business management application, put together by people who have been managing development companies and developers for over 15 years. The application contains 11 tabs to manages things like Clients, Jobs, Team Members, Tasks, Hours, Payroll, and Profiles. Tabs are only visible to those with assigned privileges so this one application works for both Managers, Business Owners and Employees.

How it Works:
Functionality is pretty simple, enter clients and jobs associated to each client, then assign team members to those jobs. Members are now able to enter hours and give comments throughout the life of each job. Mangers and business owners can now watch progress, manage budgets and assign tasks. We are a virtual company and have build WorkWatcher to manager our business as well as other service related companies that want to spend less time tracking worker/project progress and more time growing your business.

Our Sales Pitch is This:
If you spend more than a few hours a month updating spreadsheets and calculating budget hours, WorkWatcher easily pays for itself. WorkWatcher helps you find lost revenue and billing opportunities, by showing all hours worked, even those that often get forgotten.

WorkWatcher also includes a mobile interface, charts and for those who are really partial to spreadsheets, we have those too.

If you would like to try WorkWatcher for 1 month free and help us finalize all the features that will be in the final 1.0 release, send us an email at

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