The month of April was a busy month, you may have noticed the lack of posts. It was not because I was slacking off. This week we launched our second iPhone game with a company called reallyMedia.

Our first game was called tapDots, it went on sale in Apple’s app-store in March of this year. It is a simple dot to dot app for preschoolers. It is not very exciting, but helped us learn the ropes of iPhone development and app-store submission.

Our latest game is called Box of Sox, a fast paced matching game. It’s that fast at first, but after a couple levels things get really hectic. The game play is pretty unique with similarities to Tetras, Solitaire and Bejeweled . What is it that makes these other games so popular? They are simple and addictive. I relate Box of Sox to Solitaire because of the multi-tasking aspect. Much of a solitaire game is spent alternating black and red cards to clear out the deck, but the real goal is to move all cards into suited runs from Ace to King. Box of Sox has that same multitasking feel. To end a level you have to match five socks at the top of the board, but until those socks are available, you also have to keep the floor clean so the game does not end prematurely. It can be challenging to achieve both goals as efficiently as possible when socks are flying on screen faster and faster.

The original concept was presented by Joseph Desetto, the president of reallyMedia. We all collaborated on the idea for a while till we came up with a simple, fun game that becomes addictive. So far Box of Sox has received great reviews on the app-store and from others we have shown it to. We had a ton of fun building it and hope all of you, who feel it’s worth 99¢, enjoy it.

This is only one of the 4 four side projects I have going on right now, more on the others hopefully soon.

My two favorite iPhone apps, not made by me, are Flight Control and Word Scramble. My current score on Flight Control is in the 90s, I am embarrassed by my high score in Word Scramble, I need more practice. Happy iPhone Gaming.


I have been tweaking my post on and off, I think it is finished now.


Here is a glowing review from GatorDeb at the toucharcade forum. WOW! I swear no money changed hands.
“This game is nothing short of fantastic and highly addictive. An obvious suggestion is global high scores. This game screams global high scores. Other than that and the saving, there’s really not much to change. This game is highly recommended.”


Another great Box of Sox review from Mike Lightman at
I’m not looking for an iXBox i360 in my iPocket, I want a shiny ball to chase until I can regain my composure. Which is why I LOVE Box of Sox. With perfect graphics & a simple, simple, simple premise, Box of Sox is a perfect casual game that erases all moments of tedium.

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