Animation and Tweens Class for AS2

– taterboy | February 25th, 2009

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This is a two in one post, the first half will demonstrate how to build a small but powerful animation engine. The second half is a demo and source for an expanded version of the same animation engine.

The goals for our engine are:
1. Light Weight – We do not want to apply an onEnterFrame event handler on every MovieClip. Each instance of an onEnterFrame event increases processor usage, so we will use one onEnterFrame event to process all animation.

2. Robust – Issues can arise with you try daisy chain onEnterFrame events, garbage collection and rendering sequences can cause the chain to break. So we need a powerful management system.

3. Flexible – Some projects we only need to animate _alpha, others will need to tween _x, _y, _rotation, _xScale or a combination of them all. With a little extra code we can make this animation engine process most MovieClip Properties.
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Animation with Flash CS4’s Motion Editor

– taterboy | February 5th, 2009

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Was anyone else thrown for a loop as much as I was about Flash CS4s animation system? I knew the basics and played around with the new animation tools before, but then I had my first real animation job with it. Wow! that really sucked.

It is hard to say if the new tools are better then before, that all depends on your needs. If you want to do a quick animation, then stick with the classic tweens. If you want higher quality animation with some real fine tuning then the new tools are for you. I have to admit, if I had written this post just one day earlier, my option of the new animation tools would have been completely 180° opposite. Now I think they are great, so if you are frustrated now, read on and take a deep breath.
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