iPhone Watch January 2009

– taterboy | January 26th, 2009

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Converting AS3 to Cocoa Touch:
The iPhone is another interest of mine because it is just so cool. I would love to build apps for the iphone but do not know when I would have time to learn cocoa touch. That is why I am very interested in Andy Jacobs’ Blog and his tutorials on AS3 to Cocoa Touch. Now if I can just find the time, these tutorials definitely make understanding cocoa conventions much easier for an AS programmer.

AS3 Reference iPhone Application:
So what is the next best thing to having Flash on the iPhone? How about an Action Script 3 reference documentation application for the iPhone? Not sure when I would use it. Perhaps when they port the Flex SDK to the iPhone, otherwise I would rather use the online version with a huge monitor, full keyboard and mouse. I do not know why I still had to get the app, It is just one of those things that sound so good.

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Detecting Standalone or Plugin Flash Players

– taterboy | January 26th, 2009

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Maintaining version control on project files can easily get out of control when saving multiple versions of the same file. One tip is covered in an earlier post about swf based relative urls for flash/flex files. This tip works even if the host file is moved to a different locations. This way we do not need to save a live version and a local build version.

Why would I care which Flash Player type is used?
Some projects, like kiosks, will end up as a Flash Projector or AIR Application. Until the project is finalized and approved we may need to preview the project for our clients on the web. In AS3 some stage methods are only available to the standalone player. Instead of saving two versions of the same project, one to test the Projector functionality and another for online approvals; we can build one multi-purpose file.
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SWF Based Relative URLs in Flash or Flex

– taterboy | January 17th, 2009

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When a Flash/Flex app loads into a browser, all urls for the swf are now relative to the file that is hosting the swf and not the location of the swf file itself. This can create issues between testing the swf locally and viewing it on the live site.

Case Study:
When building a demo to display on this blog I have to create one version with relative urls to distribute as source and a separate sample for preview using absolute urls. This is because of the setup of the blog, some files like the index page display from the root of the blog while all the article files have unique urls based on title and date.
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Illustrating In Illustrator 101 Part 2 of 5

– taterboy | January 5th, 2009

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Wether I am illustrating an imaginary device or something I use everyday, it is good to understand how the object is or should be constructed. Other information like functionality, and how these objects are interacted with are very important in making our illustrations more convincing.

Questions you could ask yourself are how much heft and mass does this object possess, What kids of materials are used to build this object? How does this information effect how light reflects/refracts off the object. These evaluations help us understand how the details should be rendered.

The object could be steel, but is it built assembled with welds, bolts or both? The object could be made from concrete, Styrofoam, wood, glass or plastic molds. Each material is assembled differently with different types of joints. The time when an object is built also will give us a clue as to the type of assembly would have been used. We should carry that information or hints of that information into our illustration.
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