iPhone Interface Artwork (Vector)

– taterboy | June 20th, 2008

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There is a huge buzz around the new iPhone SDK, at least in some circles. Here is a collection of a few iPhone interface objects, in vector (Illustrator CS3), for anyone wanting to design an interface for the iPhone or an iPhone look-a-like app.

Iphone Artwork 2

Iphone Artwork 1

Iphone Artwork 3

Iphone Artwork 4


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Illustrator Tip #11…

– taterboy | June 18th, 2008

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…and The Most Important:
Learn as many keyboard shortcuts you can. This is not an illustrator only tip. As with any app that you work in and expect to be proficient at, you should learn the key-board short cuts. In the manuals that come with the box, there is normally shortcut charts. If you did the download, you can find them online. Most Adobe apps have the ability to re-assign key-board short cuts as well. I would suggest against it, unless it is necessary, because if you ever go to work at a different location, or have to show someone something on a different computer, it helps if the shortcuts are the same. Some reasons we have had to change shortcuts in the past are, In Illustrator CS2 and previous, The shortcut for switching between the hollow and solid arrow selection tools, was Command + Tab (Ctrl + Tab on PC). On a mac, all the way back to OS 8, would instead toggle the application switcher. So instead of getting the hollow arrow selection tool, you would get a web browser or other open app instead.

In Photoshop CS2 and before, Command + Option + D (Ctrl + Alt + D on PC)was the short – cut for Feather Selection. On a Mac since the introduction on the dock, that shortcut was used to toggle the dock to appear and disappear. Both of these shortcuts were easily fixed by customizing the shortcuts to require and extra Key. That way Command + Option + Tab to toggle the selection Arrows in Illustrator and Command + Option + Shift + D to get the Feather section dialog box.

I believe Illustrator CS3 now comes pre-modified? (I seriously can not remember if I had to change that or not and I can not find any documentation on the Toggle Selection Arrow short cut as it this post). But Photoshop CS3 has done away with the Feather Selection dialog box and replaced it with Refine Edge which is Command + Option + R (Ctrl + Alt + R on PC).

Here is a resource for keyboard shortcuts. They are not complete, but in a easier format to print.
Also for Photoshop Only Shortcuts :


Official Adobe help docs:



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10 Adobe Illustrator Tips

– taterboy | June 16th, 2008

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With the nature of vectors being smaller than bitmap images in file size, I typically try to illustrate everything I do for Flash in Illustrator first. I love Illustrator as an illustration tool. Although Flash has made some great progress it’s illustration tool set, it just does not come close to the power and features of Illustrator. I also find Illustrator really fast for laying out design projects and more illustrative graphics then modeling and detailing in photoshop. Like any relationship, my affection for illustrator is not without frustration and we have to learn to accept some of the faults, if you can pardon my Dr. Phil type metaphor, to make it work. So here are some workarounds for some illustrator issues and a couple tips to help you work better with this great tool.

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Flash AS2 Binary Loader Component

– taterboy | June 11th, 2008

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Here is an official geek badge for any Flash content. Not only does it display the loading percentage in binary, it also has a dual knight Rider type pulsing effect. It was built a few years ago with high hopes of using it on something cool. I hope someone can find a cool home for it.

I am sure if I did not get the binary display just right someone will let me know, just be nice.

To use it, place it on the first frame of your flash file you need a loader for. also on that frame place a stop action and a function called imLoaded();

Here is an example.

// first frame, same as the loader component.
function imLoaded(){

Here is the FLA

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SWF Files With Custom HTML Templates

– taterboy | June 9th, 2008

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AS3 Super Loader Part 2
This post is a continuation of the Action Script 3 Super Loader, though this tip could have many adaptations besides the example below.

Many may already know that when you go to the Publish Settings/ HTML window, there is a drop-down that allows for the choice of HTML templates to use with your .swf. When Flash publishes the HTML page along with the .swf, it dynamically creates the new HTML file that will host your Flash movie, with the correct width, height, file name, background color of the .swf in the source code. Many developers use this HTML page to copy the embed code into another file. Some people ignore this feature all together and use Dreamweaver to produce the code or have a custom HTML template that they modify manually.
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